BiliBili Marketing

Engage your audiences through professional video streaming

With almost 100 million daily users of the platform, BiliBili presents amazing growth opportunities in China. Using a real-time comment option, BiliBili allows users to post comments that will pop-up at specific times during the video play, creating an enhanced live-resembling experience. The platform fosters opportunities for partnerships with influencers and key opinion leaders, elevating your brand's presence on the China market and generating awareness, leads and conversions. Charlesworth can help you to harness the power of this platform.

Our Services
Video caption, translation and localisation

Our expert team can adapt your tone-of-voice in videos for the Chinese audience. Not only do we generate captions and translate your content, but also we ensure that all the nuances of the content are aligned with your brand voice in China.

Content Creation

Our expertise, delivered through our local team that understands Chinese audiences, tailors your BiliBili content to maximise your growth. From professionally crafted videos to livestreams, we have the resources to drive quality customer engagement through BiliBili, which translates into lead generation and sales.

Marketing Strategy

With the help of our experts in BiliBili advertising and paid ads, you can get your brand in front of millions of Chinese clients. If your goal is to step up your video content game and reach and convert your audience through it, our local team can support you.

Paid Ads

Using a blend of approaches that are tailored to your goals, our local teams boost your growth and generate leads and sales through a variety of BiliBili paid ads. From content scripting to campaign management, our team is here to support your growth with the expertise you need to succeed.

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About Us

Charlesworth helps brands take the next step in China and APAC. We're passionate about growing brands through localised marketing in China, Japan and South Korea. From our bases in the UK and China and our regional offices in South Korea and Japan, we're committed to understanding your business needs and delivering excellence for your brand in APAC.

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