Student Recruitment

Bridge cultures and empower future leaders

With a team that perfectly combines knowledge of the higher education sector in China with digital marketing abilities, we can help your university reach and recruit international Chinese students. Create a direct relationship with prospective students and recruit more students directly with our support.

Our Student Recruitment Services

A marketing strategy in academia in China requires marketing professionals that know the particularities of the Chinese digital marketing landscape and the students’ preferences and behaviours. Our team at Charlesworth is here to help you with your student recruitment efforts, reaching and attracting your qualified prospects through a blend of digital marketing strategies focused on the China market.

Social Listening

Through a variety of methods, we scan all social media channels preferred by Chinese students. We leverage conversations in WeChat, Little Red Book, and Zhihu and we gather insights based on real data regarding students' opinions and sentiments on certain industries and universities.

Digital Marketing Solutions

We use the insights gathered from social listening to tailor a unique strategy for you to ensure that you reach your student recruitment goals. Leveraging Chinese social media, SEO ad Baidu PPC, we will create a marketing model that delivers more leads for your institution.


Mandy Zhang - Account Manager (Student Recruitment)

With a decade of experience in student recruitment, including at the University of Southern California, one of the largest destinations in the US for Chinese students, Mandy will develop tailored campaigns for your institution that generate leads and effectively convert interest into applications.

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Charlesworth helps brands take the next step in China and APAC. We're passionate about growing brands through localised marketing in China, Japan and South Korea. From our bases in the UK and China and our regional offices in South Korea and Japan, we're committed to understanding your business needs and delivering excellence for your brand in APAC.

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