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April 23, 2024 in Blog

Top 5 Hidden Features of WeChat for Businesses

Feature 1: Unlocking Multilingual Insights: WeChat’s “Translate Image Text” Feature

Translate Text
Sometimes you will get messages in Chinese and, unless you can read Chinese characters fluently, this can be a problem. So, WeChat has added this feature that will translate messages for you. Press and hold on the message you want to translate and then select the right arrow and then press ‘Translate’ and it will automatically translate the message.

Scan and Translate
Can’t read the instructions or menus in China?
China’s most popular social platform offers AR-based real-time translation. This feature can be accessed from the scan feature in the upright corner, which is regularly used to scan QR codes. To use the real-time translator, simply capture an image of anything with either Chinese or English text in it, operating on a point and translate model.

First, go to the + sign > Scan > Translate, Then take a photo to translate or select a photo from your gallery. Finally, wait for the text to be translated and understand the text in English.

Currently, WeChat Translate only supports Chinese and English, it works similarly to the Waygo App, which was designed to help non-Chinese speakers translate food menus and signs. An indication that WeChat wants to appeal to foreign users and tourists living in China.

WeChat’s trend of taking successful features from apps and integrating the technology into their platform shows their ambition to grow and compete with US tech giants: Google, Snapchat and Instagram. However, WeChat still has a long way to go to reach the levels of Google translate augmented reality feature which now supports 30 languages.

Translate Image Text

“Translate Image Text” is another cool new hidden feature that you will want to know. Instead of scanning and translating you can now choose any image that you have in either your phone gallery or chat and long-press until the menu appears with the option of translate image to text.

How It Works:

  • Simply select an image that contains the text you wish to translate.
  • Long-press on the image until a menu pops up, and then choose the option to “translate image to text.”
  • Within moments, the text is extracted and translated into your preferred language, making it accessible and understandable.

Feature 2: 3-Hour Recall Window for File-Based Messages

In a groundbreaking move, WeChat has revolutionised its message recall feature by extending the recall time for file-based messages, such as Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and PDFs, to an impressive 3 hours. This update marks a significant leap from the previous 2-minute window, which often left users in a bind if they discovered errors or sent messages to the wrong recipient too late. Now, in 2024, users are greeted with this game-changing update that extends a lifeline, particularly to professionals for whom time and accuracy are of the essence. Mistakenly sent a file to a client or your boss? No worries, you now have a 3-hour period to make things right.

Previously, the rigid 2-minute recall window posed considerable challenges in work and everyday communications, especially with file sharing where errors or misdirected sends are not always immediately apparent. The enhanced recall time for file-based messages caters specifically to these scenarios, providing users ample opportunity to rectify mistakes and resend the correct files. This update not only offers increased flexibility and security for frequent WeChat users in their professional communications but also significantly reduces the potential for embarrassment or issues arising from mistakenly sent files.

As a widely used communication tool, each update to WeChat’s features significantly impacts its user base. This latest enhancement to the recall function not only boosts work efficiency but also plays a crucial role in safeguarding user privacy and information security. Looking forward, we can anticipate further user-centric and value-added features from WeChat to meet the growing demands of its global user community.

Feature 3: Mass Messaging Assistant

For users frequently needing to send messages in bulk, WeChat’s Mass Messaging Assistant has been a formidable ally. However, in past versions, the sending limit of the Mass Messaging Assistant was capped at 200 recipients, a constraint that was particularly challenging for administrators of large groups.
But there’s good news with the latest 8.0.48 version: the sending limit of the Mass Messaging Assistant has been significantly increased from 200 to 500 recipients, and its functionality has undergone a comprehensive upgrade. Beyond traditional text messages, it now supports sending a variety of content types including voice messages, images, videos, and animated emojis, undoubtedly broadening the possibilities for mass communication.

To leverage this powerful mass messaging feature, simply follow these steps: navigate to “Me—Settings—General—Accessibility—Mass Messaging Assistant—Start Mass Messaging—Create New Mass Messaging.” Then, select the friends you wish to send the message to, and you’ll be all set to execute the mass messaging operation effortlessly.

Feature 4: You can pause the voice and read the text aloud!

In the new version of WeChat, a feature that users have been looking forward to for a long time has been added, that is, the improvement of WeChat voice messages.
In the old version of WeChat, when a user received a voice message, especially a long voice message, he had to listen to it all as soon as he heard it.

In the new version of WeChat, a pause function has been added to the voice message. Users can temporarily pause listening to the voice message, and then continue listening from the interruption, without having to listen to it from the beginning.

A care mode that is convenient for the elderly to use, a new function has been added to the new version of WeChat, that is, the reading mode. After turning on this mode, users only need to tap the text message, and WeChat will read the voice message after a while, but it takes a while for messages with more text. The addition of reading mode is really suitable for the elderly to use.

Feature 5: Quick Video Calls from Lock Screen

This is another new feature WeChat has introduced this year. Now, with just a tap on the icon from the lock screen, you can quickly initiate a WeChat video call to a pre-set friend. This feature is currently in beta testing and available to a limited number of users only. However, it must be said that this feature is incredibly practical, especially for the elderly and children who may not be familiar with smartphone operations. This simplification makes it easier for them to quickly get in touch with their loved ones in everyday situations or in case of emergencies.

To set it up: Tap on “Me” in the bottom right corner of WeChat – “Settings” – “Easy Mode” – “Enable”. Then scroll down to find “Video Call” and follow the steps to select the WeChat friends you wish to set up for this feature. Once set, add the “Video Call” widget to your lock screen interface. After adding the “video call” widget on the lock screen, you can call your specified contacts with one tap.

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