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China's ultimate Q&A social media network for B2B companies. Zhihu fosters community growth and engagement through insights, knowledge and perspectives sharing. Users engage in discussions regarding topics of interest, following an education-orientated approach, which makes Zhihu marketing the choice for searching and sharing professional knowledge.

Why choose Zhihu Marketing?

With a community where more than 80% of users hold a bachelor's degree (or higher), Zhihu is China's social media platform that fosters a dynamic online experience. Discussions are often led by key opinion leaders and industry experts on topics of interest. If you are interested in captivating audiences through using key professional discussions in your field, Zhihu is an important tool for your brand growth. The high engagement rate allows us to conduct in-depth market research on your brand and to gain a better understanding of how to enhance your profile with your target audience.

Our Zhihu Marketing Solutions
Branding Introduction

With the help of our teams, we dive into your brand's particularities and we design strategies to emphasise your uniqueness onto Zhihu, picturing a consequent brand image on the platform.

Promotional articles

We develop and publish promotional articles featuring your products or services, highlighting your unique selling proposition. Through Zhihu marketing, you attract your audiences into your brand's universe.

Question Selection

Our team of experts in Zhihu marketing recommend and curate relevant industry questions, ensuring alignment with your objectives and target audience.

Professional Answers

With professionals in all fields, our teams can help you engage with users' questions and queries, establishing strong brand positioning and leadership.

Our Zhihu Marketing Process

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