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Reach the right audiences through tailored Baidu strategies

Baidu is China's Google. With a market share of over 70%, Baidu is the perfect road to take for SEM in China. In contrast to Google, paid ads on Baidu account for almost 60% of the search page. This is why a strong Baidu PPC strategy is essential for your growth in China. We are a China SEM Agency, managing hundreds of Baidu campaigns for our clients. With a team of local experts in SEM in China, we are here to help boost your brand's popularity and help you to rank high against your competitors.

Our Approach

We initiate the setup of a Baidu ads account for your brand and collaborate with you to develop campaigns aligned with your priorities.

Our Workflow:
Ads Account Setup

With a highly regulated market, a proper initial setup for Baidu SEM is imperative. Our team ensures legal compliance that guarantees a smooth start for your Baidu SEM campaigns.

Landing Page Optimisation

Different campaigns may need different formats of landing pages. Our local teams can help you tailor your pages according to your goals for maximum results.

Ad Copy Creation

With local teams of experts, we boost your brand's Baidu PPC strategy with tailored ad copy crafted for maximum visibility and impact.

Ongoing Campaign Management

We continually gather insights on industries and consumer preferences, approaching ongoing Baidu campaign management strategically and driven by insightful data.

Bi-directional Approach

Tailored strategies generate the best results, that is why our teams deliver both SEO and PPC. Our approach ensures high visibility, fostering brand awareness and sales generation.


Continually analysing data, we record every important parameter in your Baidu SEM campaigns and provide full transparency on stats and results.

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About Us

Charlesworth helps brands take the next step in China and APAC. We're passionate about growing brands through localised marketing in China, Japan and South Korea. From our bases in the UK and China and our regional offices in South Korea and Japan, we're committed to understanding your business needs and delivering excellence for your brand in APAC.

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