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China is not only one of the top producers of scientific research in the world in terms of the number of articles published, but also a highly competitive and complex market. Our team of marketing experts has comprehensive knowledge of the Chinese academic market and can work with you to implement a range of digital marketing and sales-orientated strategies to improve your impact and visibility within the Chinese academic community (we call this your ‘China footprint’). We offer various integrated marketing services that can be included within our full-service agency package or simply provided as a one-off service.

What we do

Charlesworth, as part of the Enago group, is a trusted partner for STM publishers worldwide, offering comprehensive sales representation, author marketing, and author experience solutions in China, the largest STM market by research output. With the award-winning Charlesworth Gateway, publishers can connect with their authors through localised services and solutions, ensuring a seamless publishing experience.

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Our Clients

Sales Representation

We are recognised globally as a trusted partner for sales representation in publishing within China and are leading agents for the licensing of content in major Chinese consortia, handling print and online sales while managing subscription renewals and new sales opportunities. We can also act as an agent for Western medical publishers by selling reprints of relevant journal articles to the Chinese academic and pharmaceutical markets.

consortia & site licence sales

We are leading agents for the licensing of content in major China consortia, including the National Science and Technology Library consortium (NSTL), the Digital Resource Acquisition Alliance of Chinese Academic Libraries (DRAA), and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), as well as regional consortia.

print sales

In contrast to many parts of the world, print sales are still an important part of the market in China. Fulfilment is managed through a network of local import agents. We have strong relationships with these agents and work with them to promote titles to relevant societies and universities.

local reprints & Chinese editors

We act as an agent for Western medical publishers by selling reprints of relevant journal articles to the Chinese academic and pharmaceutical markets. We also provide local language editions of some of the leading journals in academic research.

sales agency service

We handle print and online sales while managing subscription renewals and new sales opportunities. We provide a tailored marketing strategy and establish goals for each subscription cycle.

second-tier discount price sales

We can negotiate and arrange for reduced-price copies to be sold to libraries that cannot afford full prices, with an embargo to separate them from full-priced sales.

emerging commercial market

We continually monitor the potential for academic publications in the commercial sector and carry out specific market research to suit areas of interest. We are specialists in pharmaceutical reprint sales.

Marketing Representation - Marketing Agency

We work with you to improve your marketing impact and presence within the Chinese academic community through a mix of digital channels and offline marketing. Our services include telemarketing, account creation, brand management and content engagement via website development and market research, alongside SEO services.

wechat marketing

Social media has a significant impact on the brand reputation of publishers and journals in China. A presence on WeChat is essential if your business wants to be seen and recognised in China. Our expert team provides account set-up, verification, and management of your WeChat profile, helping you to make the most of the platform and improve brand awareness and author engagement.

media monitoring

Our media monitoring service tracks mentions of your brand, products and academic conversations on Chinese social media platforms. We evaluate the sentiment and tone of these conversations, giving you valuable insights into the market and helping to strengthen your presence within the Chinese academic community.

search engine management

The ability to access publisher information in Chinese and an understanding of Baidu Analytics and SEO development are essential for raising brand awareness and increasing market penetration. This approach, supported by other digital and social media marketing strategies provided by our team of experts, helps to drive web traffic—amplifying your brand and content visibility. 

content marketing

Our team of experts in Chinese social media and video platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, Zhihu, and BiliBili. We work with you to create high-impact content that resonates with your target audience on the most appropriate platform for your brand, increasing brand awareness, content visibility, and community engagement.

consultancy & expert advice

It is important to understand how publications and services fit the Chinese market, both at the outset and as the market evolves. With over 25 years of experience in China, our in-depth understanding of the country’s unique challenges and opportunities means that we are ideally placed to provide information and conduct detailed market research.

website development

Our team can help you drive targeted traffic to your key journal titles through complete PPC ad account set-up, verification, management and optimisation. Detailed keyword research ensures campaigns target the right audience with the right message, as supported by a bespoke landing page designed and managed by our team.

Charlesworth Gateway is a web-based content marketing and author communication platform used for managing author communication within the STM publishing workflow through WeChat. Create a localised author experience by connecting your submission system or platforms to WeChat via the Gateway to allow for two-way status notifications delivered in Chinese. A publisher dashboard allows for the messages to be configured by the publisher to access all key data points. For Editorial Manager customers, the Gateway can easily be configured without the need for any development work.
We are proud to have won the ALPSP Innovation in Publishing Award 2022 for our Charlesworth Gateway service.

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Charlesworth helps brands take the next step in China and APAC. We're passionate about growing brands through localised marketing in China, Japan and South Korea. From our bases in the UK and China and our regional offices in South Korea and Japan, we're committed to understanding your business needs and delivering excellence for your brand in APAC.

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