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May 1, 2024 in Blog

The Ultimate Guide to WeChat Marketing 2024 – China’s SuperApp

Whether you are new on the digital marketing landscape of China or not, you surely know the impact of a proper WeChat marketing strategy. With over 1.3 billion active monthly users, WeChat is the most popular all-in-one social app in China. Let’s dive in some useful tips and tricks that can help you maximise you WeChat marketing efforts in 2024!

But first…

What is WeChat?

Initially launched as a free instant messaging and calling app in January 2011, nowadays the all-in-one, versatile super-app has substantially expanded since its launching. From mobile payments to scheduling doctor’s appointment, it is the no. 1 platform in China, with more than 1.3 billion monthly active users. 

One of the most popular features of WeChat are mini-programs, which are “mini-applications”, with 924 million monthly users. From food delivery to appointments, mini programs have a vast array of usage, depending on the profile of the company that integrates them into their digital strategy. As the Chinese market rapidly evolves and is dominated by digital transformation, it is critical to make the most out of it through one of the most comprehensive all-in-one app – WeChat. 

Unique Consumer Behaviour

Chinese consumers exhibit unique online behaviors and preferences. For instance, the concept of “social commerce” is far more advanced in China, with users being highly familiar to receiving recommendations, browsing products, and making purchases all within their social media platforms, primarily WeChat. Additionally, digital payments are efficient and secure, and any e-commerce strategy must seamlessly integrate payment solutions like WeChat Pay to succeed. Moreover, the popularity of Mini Programs within WeChat has changed the game for how brands can engage with consumers directly on the platform without the need for an external app or website.

How to Nail WeChat Marketing in 2024?

Step 1 – Market Research

Get to know your audience and your competitors thoroughly. Use competition’s WeChat profiles to find out what audiences want to know, how they respond to various pieces of content, and how they engage. Use this information to further design your strategy, considering your resources, your unique selling proposition, and the data regarding your audience. Get one step further with this research and choose a social listening service to determine your brand sentiment in front of customers, or to dive even deeper into competitor’s brand image.

Step 2 – Content Adapting

Considering local culture and practices, design your content accordingly. This includes design and message adaptation, as well as translation and localisation. Chinese audiences are highly linked to local holidays, so make sure you take that into consideration when designing a long-term strategy.

Step 3 – Customer Engagement & Loyalty

Engage your followers in real-time with interactive and appealing content tailored to the WeChat environment. Stimulate your audiences using mini programs to further engage with your brand or purchase your products or create shareable links that boost your brand’s visibility in front of Chinese audiences.

Step 4 – Continuous Analytics

Use the data analytics tools offered by WeChat to find your audience’s preferences and responses. Using different KPIs, dive deeper into a wide collection of data, from their preferred content type to their e-commerce behaviour.

Step 5 – Compliance and Laws

Make sure that you stay informed of WeChat’s platform regulations and Chinese internet laws. This ensures you that your marketing efforts are compliant with local regulations, avoiding any potential setbacks.

WeChat Marketing in 2024

There are a few tips & tricks that you can use to boost your WeChat strategy in 2024.

Here are some examples!

WeChat Mini Programs for Engagement

Designing a WeChat Mini program that offers something useful or entertaining to your target audience is a marketing tactic that is used by most of the brands that are present on WeChat. A WeChat marketing strategy that involves a Mini Program is tailored to your audience’s preferences and needs. This can drastically increase engagement and turn your potential customers into loyal ones, fostering a community atmosphere and encouraging purchase. 

WeChat Group Administration

Bond with your community through WeChat groups and let your audience engage in your niche through inviting discussions. These forums have an outstanding potential of amass a core of users who are genuinely interesting in your offering.

Events and Webinars

Use WeChat to offer value through livestreaming. Choose live events, webinars or workshops to gather passionate audiences. Share knowledge and experience and become a leader in your field. 

Engage Through Quality Content

Make sure to use diversified content and invest more in multimedia elements such as images, videos, and audio clips. Add interactive features that would spark conversation in your niche. Use polls, a quiz, or any other form of interaction that generates visibility and interactions. These sends to WeChat signals that your post is “interesting” and helps boosting it further. 

Influencer Collaborations

WeChat influencers are exactly the same as Instagram or TiKTok influencers. They have loyal communities, who value their opinion and hold them at a position of authority in several fields. Choose the influencers or Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) that share your brand’s values and are trusted. WeChat encourages sponsored content and collaborations, so you are mostly set for success.

Put QR Codes to Work

Do not ignore the power of OOH (out-of-home) marketing. Marketing through efficient offline channels brings a formidable ROI. Place your QR codes in offline locations, such as stores, products packaging, or event banners. Let new users see your brand offline as well.

Additionally, by linking QR codes to incentives such as offers, discounts, or content available only to your WeChat followers, you not only drive up the visibility of your account, but it also provides an added incentive for people to interact with your brand.

In WeChat Marketing in 2024, there are strategies that can help you grow your brand significantly, even on competitive platforms such as WeChat. However, the most important strategy is to maintain a close look at market insights and be consistent with your content. Make sure that you diversify your formats and keep them interesting, as audiences become more selective with their preferences. 

To make the most out of your WeChat marketing journey, gathering qualified leads and turning those into sales, you need a trusted partner that navigates with ease the Chinese digital marketing landscape. With over 25 years of experience on the Chinese market, Charlesworth delivers solutions that maximise your marketing ROI. Contact us now for a free consultation.  

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